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Best of documentary wedding photography

Below you can find featured weddings and a highlights slideshow. Just turn up the volume and hit play.

You can also scroll down for some of my favorite wedding moments I have captured over the past few years. If you feel this is the wedding photography for you, drop me a line, and let’s capture your unique wedding story.

Beyond weddings

More than ‘just’ a documentary wedding photographer, I’m a creative commercial photographer specialising in music, food photography and personal branding.

Music and food are two magical things that our existence would be very sad without. Both have an amazing ability to bring people together and their magic to make us human beings happy is nowadays stronger than it’s ever been.

With such a diverse variety and different styles, they are truly amazing things to appreciate in the form of Art.

Whether its personal branding, music or food my approach is always the same; to tell the story and showcase associated feelings in a visually interesting way.

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